A Global Network

Hexagon is part of the 'Groupe Rawji' which operates primarily in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Its main markets are related to distribution, logistics, banking, financial services, real estate, manufacturing, port operations, agricultural and electrical engineering services.

The diversity of the operational fields is mirrored by the many countries it operates in: Belgium, China, Dubai, Germany, India and South Africa. The 'Groupe Rawji' is the entity behind a group of companies operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1908.



The group is entirely owned by the Rawji Family. With an annual turnover over 500 million US$, the group currently has over 2000 employees around the world.

This global involvement has inspired the group to recognise and accept social responsibility. Therefore, to underline the ethical approach of the company philosophy, social and community-uplift works are operated through the Rawji Foundation.

The Rawji Group, through its various companies, has the following objectives:

  • Promoting the economic growth of the countries where it is established
  • Ensuring the quality of its products and services
  • Establishing a healthy and secure work environment
  • Encourage development and the competitive spirit
  • Ensure good compliance in regard to the laws of the
    countries where the companies are established
  • Improving the quality of life of the local communities